Thursday, October 14, 2010

Local company Video #Fail #Ulupandanbear

Phillips hired a New Media Agency in an attempt to create a "Viral video" simply failed to deliver.

Again and again, the lack of creativity shows in really cheap production and lame ads. I do not know what Phillips wants to prove!

Compared to Egyptians, this is so bad, that it is not even good.

There seemed to be bad comments all over the blogosphere, Facebook and Twitter. If #ulupandanbear is there to generate bad and negative branding, it probably has brought the brand down a notch.

Having cheap thrill on making a bad video is simply lame, and WILL go viral only in a negative way.

Back to the drawing board and if Phillips is on Social Media, be prepared to respond to the possible crisis.

Also see: Mystery ‘bear’ publicity stunt backfires

-- Robin Low