Monday, May 9, 2011

Yam Ah Mee

When you think about the elections, whether it is Nicole Seah or Tin Pei Ling. The loss of George Yeo or getting Show Mao into parliament, if you are following the trends of social media online, you suddenly will know about this man.

YAM Ah Mee.

Not only is he an unknown before the election, this man now has a fanpage, that will exceed 15,000 fans soon.

In time to come, when you start to recall the election and what exactly happened, you will probably remember the 2011 elections as the year of Yam Ah Mee.

And now we know that he is:
The People's Association (PA) Chief executive director (CED) The Harvard Club of Singapore's Volunteer program and the President of the Harvard Club BG (NS)

He is one of the most unlikely social media superstar!

He is here to stay!

-- Robin Low

Friday, May 6, 2011

Social Media vs Controlled Media.

Today is the day for Singapore election.

Social Media vs Controlled Media.

The PAP does not engage on social media. They have their fans write good things about them, and delete negative posts. For their YouTube Pages, no "likes" or comments are allowed.

The PAP does very well on the controlled media, as reports after reports, focused on their leaders and agenda, even on "cooling day" The rest of the opposition is covered much less than the PAP.

On social media front, the new candidates like Nicole Seah seemed to be fantastic! She has more than 60k fans on Facebook, and she replies to feedback and comments.

For most parts, Angry Singaporeans numbering thousands bashed PAP online, and the sites theonlinecitizen became a very popular source of info.

Most dormant Singaporeans share their stories and blog about their thoughts freely. The PAP indeed lost out on the social media front.

So the big question is, will social media affect the results of the election? How much of a role will social media play to determine the results?

Only the results will tell!

-- Robin Low