Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Tough Social Media Training in Singapore

Completed a tough training in Singapore. Initially, when they need me to do training for different levels of management to try to get them to think about direction and strategies, and with different understanding of the various platforms, customizing the training to please everyone was hard.

Giving examples of what you could do with social media for your business does raise many eyebrows and effectively use of the different platforms by researching and understanding keywords seemed new for some people, however a few people who were in charge of SEO seemed bored.

Breaking into groups to plan strategies seemed awkward as well. The person in charge seemed to be not interested in the doing, which seemed to be not helpful at all.

Furthermore, when a department in the company decided not to take part in social media and yet "forced" to take part of the training, seemed to mock parts of the training and seemed very resistive to the idea that their targeted audience is on Facebook, I thought, wow, why is this person here?

There are a lot of forced engagement, and when asked to think of solutions, as Singaporeans, many try not to say anything at all. However, overall, I found that videos seemed to work as it engages everyone and some humor seemed to bring everyone on the same wavelength, and getting the group to open up seemed easier after the videos.

Overall, after a week, they worked with me to craft out a social media calender, guidelines and policies which seemed very exciting. I will be checking on their progress and hopefully they can be very successful in what they do.

-- Robin Low