Thursday, January 19, 2012

Public Engagement through social media

There are a lot of difference between "likes", "comments" and actually getting people to take action.

The number of comments that you get when you share a post, and the sentiment is also very important.

It takes time to build followers, trust and affinity. And Public Engagement is a skill that one should not assume that one already knows in the new digital sphere.

Come find out more about social media, open your mind and learn more.

-- Robin Low

'Silent Majority is truly disturbing' -- Good read

"Take Workers' Party Chen Show Mao, for example.

He is beguiling, wide-eyed, charismatic, eloquent, effectively bilingual, selfless, determined and social media-savvy.

And when he speaks in Parliament, he has everyone eating out of his hands.

When he updates his status on Facebook, he creates a virtual stampede to see who can "Like" his post first.

Half the ladies on my Facebook friends list are saying they fantasise about the day they meet the Workers' Party MP in a dark, lonely alley.

So that they can have the chance to converse with him in their half-past six Mandarin without anyone within earshot and feeling embarrassed that they are only mastering the Chinese language now to communicate with this Taiwan-born maverick.

The other half, more or less, are quite convinced they want to have his babies.

It's safe to say if this trend carries on, it won't bode well for your party in the future."

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